About us

Keeping your Landscape looking its best can be a large and time consuming task.  We know when you are looking for a landscaper, you are trusting that the first impression people have of your home or business is the best. When Wise Landscaping & Lawn Services, Inc. works with new clients, our main goal is to ensure you are happy and to build a long and happy relationship with you. Our landscaping services are among the best in the business as well as the most reliable.

The staff here at Wise Landscaping & Lawn Services, Inc. has an eye for detail and we work quickly and efficiently to spruce up your landscape.

At Wise Landscaping & Lawn Services, Inc. our rates are among the most competitive in the area.  Contact us today for your free quote.   

Wise Landscaping & Lawn Services, Inc. is your full service lawn care professional covering Wise County and the Surrounding areas. Here at Wise Landscaping & Lawn Services, Inc.,  we can help you with all your concerns and more. Lawn installation and restoration have made us one of the top companies in the Wise County and Surrounding area. we do it all! At our initial visit to your home or business, we provide you with an extensive lawn evaluation, after we finish the work, we monitor what is happening on your property. Comprehensive inspections, professional remedies and advice is our recipe for creating a lush and green lawn that you will love for years to come .

At Wise Landscaping & Lawn Services, Inc. we understand the needs of the residents of Wise County and the surrounding areas, and we are proud to serve the community by providing the best hardscaping installation.  We use decorative stone to build a space you will love.  You will be amazed at our work from decorated walk paths to walls and water features .

Whether your property needs support or you just want to change the looks of your lawn, contact Wise Landscaping & Lawn Services, Inc. to install your new hardscape. (940)-626-4324 Call Now!

Your property and your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your lifetime. For this reason and many more, we at Wise Landscaping & Lawn Services, Inc. know that keeping your trees and shrubs trimmed is an important part of keeping your lawn beautiful. Keeping your limbs trimmed from your house helps keep you safe from the high winds. A diseased tree can easily spread infection to other plants and trees in your yard.

Tree Pruning: Proper pruning can eliminate many hazardous situations and also promote healthy growth in the life of the tree.

Tree removal: Having dead or dying trees in your yard can be a significant hazard to people, vehicles, and homes nearby. They are also a dangerous fire hazard, spreads disease and causes harm to other plants in the area. It is important to have these trees removed safely and promptly.

Contrary to popular belief, fertilization is not plant food.

Fertilizers are concentrations of elements which, when added to the soil or water, are then available for plants to use and make their own food.

When to fertilize, with what and how often are the most common questions. It is important to look at the overall scheme of things in order to make the proper decisions on these questions. Wise Landscaping & Lawn Services, Inc. will assist you with making a plan to fertilize your lawn and flower beds depending on their needs.